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Say "Alexa, enable Simple Radio"  After the introduction say "Mersey Retro, United Kingdom"

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Dave Collins   Dave Collins RIP  The Scene
Dave Collins (Colin Humphries) the Merseyside pirate radio presenter has died on 13 April 2018 after a long illness.  He was best known as a pirate radio presenter in the 1980s on Storeton Community Radio, R. Merseywaves, R. Julie, Concept FM, Central Radio,  Laser UK, CFM and on his own station, Pirate FM which became The Scene.  He also appeared on legal stations including Eden FM. See also Facebook
Jim Brown R I P

Central Radio founder Jim Brown  has died on 10 November 2017 aged 68, after a long battle with Cancer. Jim, (or Kev, as he was known to his friends) has been involved in free radio since the late 1970's and started Central Radio on Mediumwave in the '80s. Central has been on FM from the 90's to the present day.


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