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Transmitters serving Merseyside


Merseyside\Talk Radio/Virgin

Wallasey 1485\1107\1197 Khz Medium Wave

This is the Medium Wave site at Rake Lane cemetary in Wallasey which was completed in 1972 for BBC Radio Merseyside on 1485 Khz (2KW)

1107 Khz (0.5 KW) was opened in 1982 for Radio 1 and is now Talk Radio. 1197 Khz. (0.5 kW) was also added when Virgin Radio was launched. Virgin is distributed by sattelite from Utelsat and the dish is partly visible from the roof of the transmitter building.

A general view of the Wallasey mast

A closer look at the main antenna and stays

Another view of the mast

Photographs by Jim Lowe (c) 1998.