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The Webb & Lowe Show was started one evening in 1985 when Tom Webb & Jim Lowe decided to have an unofficial on-air chat after closedown.  This soon caught on and people used to complain if they didn't appear.

Tom Webb

Jim Lowe

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Real Audio Archive

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Webb & Lowe 2nd May 2005 May Bank Holiday edition

Webb, Lowe & Brown Christmas 2004 Concept Version

Webb & Lowe 2nd August 2004 - Issues of the day

Webb & Lowe 25th May 2003. Another holiday edition

Webb & Lowe May 4th 2003 More Topical discussion

Webb & Lowe. Easter 2003 Lots to talk about here!

Halloween Special 2002 Tom Webb visits a graveyard and the 'Black Woods' and Jim Lowe visits a haunted phone box.

26th August 2002 Bank Holiday Edition. Plus Part 2

4th June 2002  plus Part 2 Jubilee Edition. A look back at 1977 and issues of today. The National Anthem is played at the end !  Due to a glitch in our overpriced software, there is no individual page for this show. To download, RIGHT CLICK here  Part 1  Part 2 then select 'Save Target As' from the menu.



The Halloween Special 2001. Tom Webb visits some graveyards and places where ghosts have been seen.

6th May 2002   This show features a discussion on free radio comparing it with today and there is a look back to the 1980's, plus some observations on life. Part 2.  To download Right click on these links Part 1  1 Part 2




16th April 2001  Foot & Mouth and other issues in the news.








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