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Pirate Street.  Merseyside's free radio soap opera from Lowe Power Productions.

©Lowe Power Productions


    Pirate Street Episodes

    Pirate Street is not available online until further notice.





Pirate Street

This series is currently unavailable.


MP3 Podcast

 Episode 12

Christmas 2009 The crew go to the Christmas Central Night Out..

Episode 11

There is a plan to install an aerial on the Big One Rollercoaster at Blackpool for the August bank holiday weekend but ....

Episode 10

 It's whit 2009 and the crew are going to see the new Mediumwave transmitter

Episode 9

2008 is approaching and the team are trapped in a storm drain after trying out an underground antenna project.

Episode 8

August Bank Holiday means yet another project for the Pirate Street team.  This time an underground Long Wave Antenna.  Original sound effects were recorded for this episode.

Episide 7

The Whit Bank Holiday is here, and the team make plans for a trip to Winter hill but, do they ever get there?

Episode 6

It's Easter and the team decide to try yet another project using proven technology but..





Pirate Street 2006 Series

2006 Series

Episode 1

Will and Kelvin are planning a new pirate DAB multiplex for Merseyside, but how easy is it?

Episode 2

Work progresses on the project but there is just one problem nobody has thought about!

Episode 3

The team decide to install the main antennas and also find a way of raising some cash!

Episode 4

The antenna systems are in place at last, but nothing can go wrong now, or can it?


Episode 5

Christmas 2006.  The last of the aerials is being finished but will the Christmas broadcast be a success?

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