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The files available on this website are recorded from unlicensed radio stations in the UK which are not copyright.

mp3 Podcasts A selection of clips are now available in our new Podcast Page

Pirate Street Real Audio and MP3 Podcasts

Classic Radio Clips Clips from legal radio

Webb And Lowe Latest edition (Streaming Real Audio) New !

Webb & Brown  from Central Radio . Take a listen ! New!

Roger Phillip 2/08/04  Will Bertrams is lost and gets directions from Kelvin Roger !

ABC FM with the late Tom Lodge (1984)

CFM#1 Dave Moore & Alan C. slag off the traitors of free radio.

CFM#2 Dave Moore & Alan C. do some impersonations.

CFM#3 Tommy B. takes some calls.

R. Atlantis#1 Steve Bishop & Andy Davies 1521 MW(1995)

R.Atlantis #2 Gary Noble talks about political things. 1521MW(1996)

Radio Commodore Dave Moore interviews "Bert" (1993)

Concept FM #1 The Roger Phillip Phone-in. 106.7(1998)

Concept FM#2 with Dave Moore Aug. '87 (104.4)

Concept FM #3 Dave Moore 'how to boil an egg' Aug '87 (104.4)

Concept FM #4 Mike Smith from Mersey FM Aug '87 (104.4)

Concept FM #5 Keith on the 'graveyard Shift' 104.4 (1988)

Concept FM #6 Roger Phillip April 1998 (106.7)

Concept FM Roger Phillip 4th May 2003 (87.7)

Julie FM #1 R. Julie testing in 1987. 104.8 (Tony West & Andy Davies).

R. Merseywaves #1 Bert Williams talking about the folding of Radio Eleanor in 1984.1242 MW.

R.Merseywaves #2 The RMW main jingle(1984)

R. Merseywaves #3 Bert Williams talks about fighting.1242 MW,(1985)

R.Merseywaves #4 Jim Lowe with the Free Radio News (May 1985)

Pirate FM with DJ Kaos 102.2 July 1998

Pure FM Steve 'Rat Man' Mason . 105.1 (1996)

Raw FM Raw FM slagging off 'free radio news' reports. 87.8 (1996) MP3

Scott FM This is a 1986 recording with Mike Smith (Alan C) 102.3.

Studio FM Gary Noble talks about RSL's & free radio news.(1996)

R. Tarkwa 105.8 Mark Richards does a few mentions (28/01/96)

Tower FM Bert Williams does a dedication to 'Fruity Boy'. (21/12/98)

Zee 100 #1 Dale Cooper's phone-in with "Bert Williams"105.5 (1994)

Zee 100 #2 Dale Cooper's phone-in with "Frank Sidebottom" (1994)

Zee 100 #3 Dale Cooper's phone-in with "Captain Birdseye" (1994)

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