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Concept Radio

Also known as Concept FM

Concept Radio was first known as NBAR, and was set up on low power in 1981.  In September 1985, they went on higher power .

Over the years, Concept has used several frequencies on FM including 104.3, 104.4, 99.8, 106.4, 100.3, and 87.7 Mhz.  

In the early days, after their main broadcasts, the presenters Tom Webb and Jim Lowe used to have an informal chat for an hour, which got a positive response and eventually developed into the Webb and Lowe Show, which was also brought to Wirral Community Radio when they joined the station in 1995.

Presenters Tom Webb and Jim Lowe have also worked for Radio Merseywaves, Radio Julie and Central Radio International

Concept Radio has also been broadcast via Central Radio on the Mediumwave in 1987. as well as Jolly Roger Radio in Ireland.

A Bug Type TX

Tom Webb in 1981

The Studio in 1985

Charlie Brown 1986

Jim Brown 1986

Tom Webb 1990's

Phill Smith 1990's

Keith 1990's

2001 temp setup