The Jim Lowe Editorial 1999

Central 'wakes up' after 12 years

There has been a slight increase in free radio activity in Merseyside recently with exactly 4 stations on air, one on the medium wave.

Apart from the usual appearances from Sound FM and the Pulse(CFM), there is now a half hearted effort from Jim Brown who is putting out old drifty jingle tapes and a bit of recently recorded ego tripping shows, and calling it Central Radio International on 106.1. The modulation is a mess and the frequency control is unstable. Sounds about right for him !


Jim Brown,s old mucker Phill Davies is on 1422 Khz. with Liverpool Pirate Radio which has been stronger recently. The only thing that spoils it is a strong heterodyne whistle which is sometimes louder than the audio. Why don't they just pool their resources and put one decent transmitter on ?


Steve 'Rodent Features' Mason is still doing a half hearted effort called Pure FM on 106.2-3. Now we know what RDS stands for. Random Drift System !

The unofficial pirate band is diminishing even further with 106.9 Silk FM on and 107.2 Wire FM from Warrington due on shortly. There are only 106.2 to 106.4, which are really clear in the Merseyside area. It seems that my prediction about frequency sharing will become a reality soon. Some pirates will claim a frequency belongs to them and should be available to them 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but those days are well and truly over. All stations please take note!

Fringe frequencies

If a pirate is on the same frequency as a distant station, it still has the potential for generating a complaint, whether or not it is causing interference in the station's main service area

The Tarkwa Scenario

Radio Tarkwa got raided in 1996 for that very reason when South Flintshire Radio is alleged to have complained of interference on 105.8. Whether or not interference was caused is irrelevant, The offence of illegal broadcasting had still been committed. This why a frequency sharing 'agreement' will be necessary if high power pirate radio is to continue on FM.

Jim Lowe.