The Jim Lowe Editorial  2001

2nd  January 2001

Yes, here we go again. All the sheep came out in force over Christmas 2000 with Central moving on to other people's regular frequencies. First they were on 105.9 but had to move because of Sound FM returning. The frequency they moved to was 106.4, even though Concept had announced 2 weeks earlier that they were going to use the frequency. It seems that some opinions expressed by Egroup members have been passed on to Jim Brown & Co.

Egroup References

He even mentioned the egroups on air. It is quite obvious that someone in the Egroup is using a false identity to gain information. Either that or some trusted member can't be trusted. The whole idea of having a members-only email group is to prevent the wrong people from getting inside information and any controversial opinions expressed within egroups should not be considered public domain.

Central's Big Wattage ???

As it happened, most people reckoned Central's poor signal strength didn't really do much damage to Concept's signal. Central cannot even be heard properly in Liverpool City Centre on a clear frequency which is ridiculous, as they are supposed to cover Central Liverpool.

Brown & Collins

Jim Brown and Dave Collins are well suited as they are both full of bullcrap ! Dave Collins once went to a certain licensed station and told them where a certain pirate station was broadcasting from. Anyone who gets involved with Collins is just asking for trouble.

In my experience, honesty isn't one of Jim Brown's strong points either.

Jim Lowe (3 January 2001)